Ranir Receives the Energy Star Challenge for Industry by Reducing Energy Intensity by 16.4% within Two Years

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - August 23, 2017 — Ranir’s Grand Rapids Plant has achieved the U.S. Environmental Production Agency’s (EPA’s) ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry by reducing its energy intensity by 16% within two years. The Grand Rapids/Kentwood based plant received over $44,000 in energy efficiency incentives from Consumers Energy today for its work to reduce energy use.

Due to achievement of the ENERGY STAR Challenge, Ranir’s Grand Rapids location has reduced over 16 percent of greenhouse gases and saved enough energy to power 40 homes annually.

“Ranir is proud to have taken the ENERGY STAR Challenge and deliver against our commitment to sustainability, conservation and value creation,” said Ranir CEO Rich Sorota. “It’s important to our customers, consumers and employees to be environmentally responsible as we deliver millions of affordable, healthy smiles.”

“Ranir provides a great example of how a business can lower costs by upgrading equipment and taking actions to reduce its energy use,” said Ted Ykimoff, Consumers Energy’s director of energy efficiency programs. “We are pleased to work with Ranir and other businesses every day to eliminate energy waste, helping the environment and Michigan’s economy.”

The ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry is a national call-to-action to improve energy efficiency of America’s manufacturers by 10% or more.  By taking the ENERGY STAR Challenge, manufacturing sites set a goal to reduce their energy intensity by 10% within five years. 

Ranir was able to reduce its energy use through many means, including the conservation of compressed air, increasing the reserve capacity to level load production from compressors by installing two large tanks in the plant, fine tuning the steady pressure valves, LED lighting improvements and improvements to the Automatic Logic Control systems, among other improvements.

As a global leader in oral care products, we provide store brand and contract manufacturing services to our partners.

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