Where does Ranir sell its products?

Ranir's global leadership extends from the U.S., where we are headquartered, to Europe and South and West Asia. Today, we are the largest North American private label manufacturer of store brand oral care products in the categories in which we compete.

We also deliver Ranir products to major retailers and oral care companies in more than 40 countries around the world.

As a retail customer, what's the benefit of working with Ranir?

You'll benefit from our global single-source, low-cost manufacturing and logistics solutions, plus our commitment to thorough product development activities combined with exacting testing standards. No other store brand or contract manufacturer consistently delivers the breadth and depth of high-quality, brand-equivalent oral care products that we do.

How does Ranir ensure quality and reliability of their products?

All of our facilities follow extensive review and testing protocols for our designs, materials, processes and products. Our comprehensive quality assurance process includes validation of:

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Reliability
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Consumer attributes & expectations
  • Manufacturing processes

How does Ranir decide on which products to develop and how do you do it?

Our product development activities follow a disciplined stage-gate process:

  • Screen ideas for fit, feasibility and potential for our customers and their consumers
  • Explore product options and identify resources available to produce the right product for the customer
  • Develop the product using cross-functional technical, manufacturing, marketing and sales teams
  • Consumer and design test, refine and validate the product and its critical attributes
  • Launch the product into the marketplace

Does Ranir just manufacture and sell to Retail Customers?

No, national and multinational companies choose Ranir to develop and manufacture their branded oral care lines. Our contract manufacturing customers rely on our technical expertise in product and process design and world-class manufacturing capabilities to deliver innovative solutions that give them a competitive advantage.  Ranir works collaboratively with our contract manufacturing customers to ensure we deliver against our quality promise, high service levels and low overall cost.

Why should I consider contract manufacturing with Ranir?

Some of the world's largest oral care brands choose Ranir to produce their custom oral and personal healthcare products.

  • We know how to get your product to market quickly, with high quality and low cost
  • We deliver value, innovation and service that create a sustainable competitive advantage for you
  • We offer a global supply chain network providing single-source, low-cost manufacturing and logistics solutions
  • We bring well-founded expertise in regulatory compliance to every relationship

See more here: Contract Manufacturing 

Or email: uscontractmfg@ranir.com

Who do I contact with an invention idea?

Click this link and you will be redirected to a section on our website where you can submit an idea.

What type of positions does Ranir employ?

From engineering and quality to marketing and sales, Ranir employs a broad range of positions and expertise to support our global business.  Key positions to support our Manufacturing team also include hourly employees (assembly and machine operators), technical skills positions (molding technicians, maintenance technicians) and administration.

How do I inquire about career opportunities with Ranir?

Employment inquiries can be sent to careers@ranir.com

Does Ranir source globally for its product materials?

Yes, through our global network of resources, we're able to find the right tools to make the right products for our customers. This global network allows us to extend our sourcing, development and manufacturing capabilities and better support our customers' global products pipeline.

What's Ranir doing to become more sustainable?

At Ranir, corporate sustainability means our commitment to creating long-term value for our shareholders and customers, for our environment and for our society through innovative business solutions.  We believe that working closely with our suppliers and customers gives us the greatest opportunity to ensure an environmentally responsible process and one that delivers social, environmental and economic benefits. How we conduct our business is as important as our business itself.

What is Ranir's involvement in the community?

Ranir has deep ties to its community and is strongly committed to its growth.  Through our charitable focus of Education and Health/Fitness, Ranir and its employees volunteer time and resources to many causes.  Some of these include:

- Onsite ESL classes through our Literacy Center
- Partnership with local high schools and universities on educational initiatives
- Support for local, regional and national groups that focus on fitness and wellness
- Product donations to many charitable organizations and support for disaster relief