Technology & Development

Our world-class expertise in technology and development gives you a strategic competitive advantage. No other private label oral care manufacturer provides the proficiency and knowledge in critical technical areas as Ranir.

At Ranir, we believe that products and processes don't just happen. Our technology and development team works collaboratively with our marketing team to identify new product and category opportunities that advance your competitive edge.

Plus, we follow rigorous development processes and use a comprehensive program of testing and design validation to ensure functionality, reliability and regulatory compliance.

Disciplined & Comprehensive
We believe that good ideas can come from anywhere. Our cross-functional product development teams follow a disciplined stage-gate process to capture ideas; then qualify, develop and manufacture them, ensuring successful launches into the global marketplace.

Our product development activities follow a disciplined stage-gate process:

  • Screen ideas for fit, feasibility and potential for our customers and their consumers
  • Explore product options and identify resources available to produce the right product for the customer
  • Develop the product using cross-functional technical, manufacturing, marketing and sales teams
  • Consumer and design test, refine and validate the product and its critical attributes
  • Launch the product into the marketplace

This disciplined approach helps us deliver fact-based product solutions to our customers and continuously improve our world-class technology platforms to support our customers' global product pipelines.

Diverse Experience
From custom product design to exclusive package engineering, our technology and development teams have the capabilities, knowledge and innovative spirit to deliver. Our expertise spans product design and development, chemical formulations, quality control and packaging, as well as automation, engineering and custom equipment design.

This advanced knowledge assures our customers benefit from:

  • Top-tier product and package designs
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing technology that includes 3-componant molding, coating, floss winding, bristling, assembly and packaging capabilities
  • A strong foundation in intellectual property and proprietary processes
  • Science-based evaluation and validation methods, including consumer testing
  • Clinical testing and product evaluations based on standard test methods
  • In-house regulatory expertise and compliance

Global Network
Through our global network of resources, we're able to find the right tools to make the right products for our customers. This network allows us to extend our sourcing, development and manufacturing capabilities and better support our customers' global products pipeline.

Technology & Development Mission
At Ranir, our Technology & Development team focuses on five primary objectives:

  • Provide technical expertise
  • Identify design and performance opportunities across broad product categories
  • Provide product management and lead development activities
  • Deliver the product pipeline
  • Construct and provide ongoing technical support for technology platforms