Our History

At Ranir, we trace our commitment to oral care leadership to our fundamental belief that preventive care is critical to maintaining good overall health. Our purpose of delivering affordable, healthy smiles to millions every day embodies that commitment.

Providing Better Oral Healthcare

Founded in 1979 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Ranir set out to provide U.S. retailers with store brand dental floss, and soon thereafter added manual toothbrushes. The company grew quickly to become the leader in store brands in those categories, further broadening its offerings with trial/travel products and other oral healthcare products.

Ranir opened its current corporate headquarters in Grand Rapids in 1994. Today, this location houses our primary manufacturing facilities, designed for future growth, expansion and sustainability.

Ranir launched an aggressive growth initiative in 2003, building on its strong reputation for high-quality products and outstanding customer service. This strategy also allowed us to focus new energy on product innovation and value-added services.

Entering New Markets

In 2003, Ranir became the first store brand manufacturer to enter the emerging tooth whitening category, while adding a new contract manufacturing business unit.

Since then, we also entered other new oral care categories such as:

  • Power handles and replacement brush heads
  • Flossers
  • Interdental brushes
  • Cold sore treatments
  • Bruxism devices

As we expanded our reach, we've also kept a clear focus on developing innovative opportunities for our core business.

Global Acquisitions

In 2009, Ranir acquired Placontrol, Inc., the founder of the original retail dental flosser and the leading marketer of interdental oral care products under the Plackers® brand.

The intellectual property associated with this acquisition added value to our store brand and contract manufacturing businesses while expanding our innovation capabilities and increasing our supply chain efficiencies.

Ranir acquired Synpart, an oral care store brand supplier in the United Kingdom, Germany and other European countries, in 2010. This acquisition included a wholly owned factory in China and a shareholding in Jewel Consumer Care Pvt. Ltd., a toothbrush manufacturer in India.

The Synpart acquisition has allowed Ranir to build a global footprint, increase our product offering and enhance our supply chain network.

In 2016, Ranir added to its growing portfolio of products and solutions through the acquisition of the Rembrandt teeth whitening brand and BrushPoint, a Toronto-based organization of store brand manual and power toothbrushes.

Rembrandt developed the original whitening toothpaste and later expanded its product offerings within the dental whitening category. The brand is synonymous with quality whitening products and provides Ranir an additional platform for the growing teeth whitening segment.

The acquisition of BrushPoint is highly complementary to Ranir's current portfolio of products and allows Ranir to leverage its innovation platform in the development, manufacture and marketing of store brand oral care products. The combined organization will have a more robust offering of products and services and a broader distribution reach covering the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Strategically Positioned for the Future

With our renewed vision and mission, we are strategically positioned well into the future. Our strong growth ambitions and competitive advantage provide a unique platform to deliver consistent, outstanding customer service and value.

Our quality certifications now include ISO and FDA certifications for manufacturing medical devices, as well as international certifications with British Retailer's Consortium and Health Canada.

Ranir Global Holdings, primarily a private investor group, has owned our company since 2008. Under the group's leadership, we are dedicated to enthusiastically growing our company further in oral and personal healthcare products.

Today, Ranir is strategically positioned as a qualified global manufacturer of multiple product categories in oral care. We deliver affordable, healthy smiles to millions every day.