Core Values


We are committed to do what's right the first time and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We lead by example and take responsibility for our actions while being transparent with our intentions.

High Performance

We recognize that our business success is the result of a high-performance culture. We set high standards, invest resources judiciously, manage risk, and commit to continuous improvement for a maximum return for our stakeholders. We value the contributions of all our partners in helping us achieve our goals.


We believe that respect and diversity are at the center of an effective, goal-oriented team. We embrace challenges, place team goals above personal goals, and individually commit to being proactive and accountable. We trust in each other and are honest in our communication.


How we conduct our business is as important as our business itself. At Ranir, corporate sustainability means our commitment to creating long-term value for our shareholders and customers, for our environment and for our society through innovative business solutions.

To do that we must act purposefully and proactively to conduct business in a way that protects, preserves and respects the environment; embraces, supports and encourages our employees; and gives back to our local communities. Our commitment is ambitious, yet an attainable strategy to generate maximum value.  We believe that working closely with our suppliers and customers gives us the greatest opportunity to ensure an environmentally responsible process and one that delivers social, environmental and economic benefits..

Our Sustainability Goals include:

  • Waste Reduction and Management
  • Water Use and Management
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Air Quality Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Sustainable Product Design Criteria