Supplier Information

Supplier Social Accountability Standards

Ranir is committed to do what is right and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We lead by example and take responsibility for our actions while being transparent with our intentions.

Our principles of respect for the individual and corporate integrity have always been core foundations of our business. These foundational principles apply to all aspects of Ranir’s business, including its employees and Suppliers. These principles, when applied to the supply chain, mean Ranir and its Suppliers must operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner everywhere we do business.

Ranir’s Suppliers are vital partners to the success of our business. As partners, Ranir believes that all of its Suppliers should hold themselves to the same high standard for social and environmental responsibility. We use this Supplier Social Accountability Standards (Standards) in selecting our suppliers and expect compliance by our Suppliers. 

Download the pdf of the Ranir Supplier Social Accountability Standards.


Ranir Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

For our current and prospective suppliers, here is the link to our complete PO Terms and Conditions.


If you have questgions about how to become a Supplier to Ranir, you can contact us at 1-616-698-8880.